Which clan are you interested in?

Enter address of the official clan page into input box. For example, for wargaming.net clan [WG] (eu) address is

If you are a clan member, you can sign in with Wargaming OpenID, and your clan will be added automatically.

Who is it for?

Clan-panel is intended to help WorldOfTanks clan administrators (leader, deputies, recruiters, commanders) to solve typical problems:

  • track clan events
  • clan vehicles accounting
  • member activity accounting
  • create and manage clan companies

Clan-panel is completely free to start. But for those who need more, the "Base" and "Premium" plans delivers more features at a great value.

Clan-panel in action

There is a demo version of clan-panel, that handles a limited set of clans. You can visit it, and see abilities of this site in action.